Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nobodies even reading this...?

I really don't know why i spent sooo much time making my blog all prettied up, after that i realised i had no followers, and that there was no reason or way that I'd ever get followers xD haha
I'm just a 15 yr old girl from a small-ish town, bored :) I love makeup, fashion, and all things beautiful. [but don't we all?] ;)
I hope this is a good introduction? I dunno if I'll
continue these posts! I feel stupid writing these when i dunno what to say! Uhm if anyone is even reading this, leave a comment and tell me what you like reading on blogs and tell all your friends about this blog so i can make it bigger and hopefully be able to write more entertaining posts in the future? haha

buh bye <3


  1. keep blogging! you have followers <3

  2. dont worry i just started and have barely any followers!
    could you check out my blog pleasee? x

  3. I feel the same way. but i think you should keep blogging. i'll read it. i just started could you check out mine maybe?(:

  4. I am following you!
    Keep going you have followers! I thought the same myself and I have only just started this week!

    If you are interested follow me:

    I will be doing a mini give away from London very soon!