Thursday, June 10, 2010

>.< flattered

I'm one of those people that can't take compliments, i just squirm and thank quietly say thanks, then walk off awkwardly. Even though I only have a few followers to me it's like "Whoa , what just happened?" I'm sorry if im just babbling on...and on >.<

You see i was studying the most dreaded subject, Maths when i decided log on to this just to see other peoples blogs and bleh. Then i noticed i had 6 followers which is an accomplishment to me xD
Now i feel even more under pressure (hah) because i have no bloody idea what so ever about this blog of mine ; I thought it was more a profile page, did not realise it was a blog until i decorated it real pretty and schuff :B
So please helps! what do you want me to talk about here? what kinda stuff do you like? Just tell me about you :D oh and what made you crrazy 'nuf to follow me? :L
I'm so sorry about the weirdness to these blogs, but i assure you, I'm much weirder IRL :b

much love and thanks :)


  1. I can't take compliments either. I feel pressured to compliment them back and I'm never sure what to do. :/

  2. @eatyourvegies yeah i know what you mean! it's like do i say thanks i know i'm good or what? just so awkward lol your name is awesome btw! :)