Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back from holidays B-)

heyaar girls:)
im so sorry that my last post was an empty promise! il do them soon though! now that i'm back from my vacation i plan on doing a haul blog if you guys are interested it includes Juicy Couture, marc jacobs, Mac, Revlon, Lancome, clothes from markets and will be a veryy long series of blogs since i did get a lot during my time in Macau/Hong Kong.

I'll keep you updated for sure this time! <3

QOTD; how was/is your summer going? ;D


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your choice : Mac Face charts

okay i've decided to do picture tutorials on facecharts from either recent or old MAC collections, you can either pick from the few i will upload or find one for me to do, just send me the link! i will be using certain mac products, but mostly other products so that anyone could do these! Some looks might not suit my face/eyes but i'll just try and stick to the charts!

to the beach

style black

Hello kitty

Or i could just do all of them lol :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fashion : Travel Bag :]

Ive decided to do a long long photo blog on what i'm bringing with me on holidays clothes wise, i'll do a seperate one on makeup and misc. things :) this is just the stuff i bring for two months, because i usually get ALOT of clothes when i go on holidays so i tend to try and pack light LOL. btw these clothes have been in my suitcase for a week now so the are a bit creased and might look weird lolz. if you want me to wear certain items and take a pic of that, leave it in the comments :) hope you enjoy this! And tell me which item(s) you liked best! <3

I got this from gap a while ago, 44euros. I know light denim shirts are 'in' but i prefer dark denim shirts? :P
This is a retro kinda dress i got from a vintage store for around 20euros. i'm sure you can find this kinda polka dot dress in alot of shops! I love this because i can dress it up with heels for a going out ' outfit or wear a cute white shrug [ that i forgot to take a pic of! ] and it would look v.casual :)

I love this red tank top, it looks well weird in this photo tho, soz xD erm i got this in Esprit last summer for 15euros. Looks great with demin shorts or skinnies.

I got this plaid top from Penneys/Primark for 8euros i think? i wear this with a plain top underneath. love pairing this with a trilby hat :)

tre casual grey cardigan, love this, its very light and perfect for summer nights !

this dress is gorgueos IRL, its really silky and soft. I got this from TK maxx for about 30 euros.

This is a steal @ only 5euros from penneys! Its a cute floral top

I got this from topshop, its a jumpsuit sorta thing, perfect for summer. 65euros

another bargain from penneys! this was only 3euros, its a gorgeous khaki coloured jumpsuit, i think you can get this coral as well! :)

these are cut out shorts, which i much prefer to actual like shorts? lol i got these from newlook 4 years ago , never wore them . when i tried them on last year i couldn't believe that they still fitted me! but were a bit too short so i cutted'em off :) Lol i forgot how much they were D:
[another must have is a cute, colourful beach towel! ]

got this jeggings from zara for 20euros. if your a petite girl like myself you'll know that when you wear skinnys it can make your legs look incredibly skinny, so i was delighted when i found light coloured jeggings haha :3

This is just a big tank top from penneys [5euros] , perfect cover up on the beach!

love love love this dress! I got this from the same vintage store as the polka dot dress soz >. <>

I got this top online a few years ago, i love this mustard colour ! i think it was around 8 euros?

I got this from awear for 15 euros, its a bright green tube top which i heart . perfect for the beach as well!
Thats basically most of my clothes! I have some plain black, grey, white tanks and PJs but i don't think that would be ver interesting now would it? Harhar xD
Hope you liked this, and pls comment if your going on holidays! I'd love to hear all about it :)

enjoy your holiday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

SchoolSucks.ExamsAreEvenWORSE-r.&Holidays :)

I know worser isn't a word btw ;)

Grr. this is totally not interesting but today I had Geography and maths exams, yes thats right maths D: . I started geog at 9:30 and had it done at around 11:00, it was harder than i expected but manageable. I had three hours gap until maths at 2:00 , I thought i was going to study because, well i haven't really .. in case you didn't notice , I wrote a blog last night on how i was suppose to be cramming in maths ? Well i shuda studied.
In that three hours me and my friends sat out in the sun, which was rare in Ireland lol , and we started playing charades and NOT STUDYING! I thought "its only paper 1 of maths, it should be quite okay.."
I guess you know the tragic ending already. My exams were suppose to end at 4:30 but i was done at 3:00 :( *sighs*
I live quite far from my school , about 30 minutes drive. I rang my mam real quickly because i Had no credit, I just said "pick me up" and hung up. She thought someone was pranking her and rang me back ten mins later.

When she finally picked me up, I looked so mad! Not at her but at myself, i regretted not studying in those three hours and the week before. Oh well, I'll just have to study REALLY hard for paper 2 which is a gazillion times harder. boohoo.

sorry this is pretty depressing haha. but on the bright side! I'll be going on holidays on the 27th! I'm going back to my hometown ;) Macau which is an island near Hong Kong, it's like a tiny Las Vegas haha. Then i'll have loads of 'haul' thingys i could post on to here to bring some positiveness to this blog haha :3

I've been thinking of doing a sort of nail polish collection or something easy to start of, or clothes i've packed to go on holidays and stuff. What do you think? :) please please please leave suggestions!

hope you guys have a great weekend! <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

>.< flattered

I'm one of those people that can't take compliments, i just squirm and thank quietly say thanks, then walk off awkwardly. Even though I only have a few followers to me it's like "Whoa , what just happened?" I'm sorry if im just babbling on...and on >.<

You see i was studying the most dreaded subject, Maths when i decided log on to this just to see other peoples blogs and bleh. Then i noticed i had 6 followers which is an accomplishment to me xD
Now i feel even more under pressure (hah) because i have no bloody idea what so ever about this blog of mine ; I thought it was more a profile page, did not realise it was a blog until i decorated it real pretty and schuff :B
So please helps! what do you want me to talk about here? what kinda stuff do you like? Just tell me about you :D oh and what made you crrazy 'nuf to follow me? :L
I'm so sorry about the weirdness to these blogs, but i assure you, I'm much weirder IRL :b

much love and thanks :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nobodies even reading this...?

I really don't know why i spent sooo much time making my blog all prettied up, after that i realised i had no followers, and that there was no reason or way that I'd ever get followers xD haha
I'm just a 15 yr old girl from a small-ish town, bored :) I love makeup, fashion, and all things beautiful. [but don't we all?] ;)
I hope this is a good introduction? I dunno if I'll
continue these posts! I feel stupid writing these when i dunno what to say! Uhm if anyone is even reading this, leave a comment and tell me what you like reading on blogs and tell all your friends about this blog so i can make it bigger and hopefully be able to write more entertaining posts in the future? haha

buh bye <3