Friday, June 11, 2010

SchoolSucks.ExamsAreEvenWORSE-r.&Holidays :)

I know worser isn't a word btw ;)

Grr. this is totally not interesting but today I had Geography and maths exams, yes thats right maths D: . I started geog at 9:30 and had it done at around 11:00, it was harder than i expected but manageable. I had three hours gap until maths at 2:00 , I thought i was going to study because, well i haven't really .. in case you didn't notice , I wrote a blog last night on how i was suppose to be cramming in maths ? Well i shuda studied.
In that three hours me and my friends sat out in the sun, which was rare in Ireland lol , and we started playing charades and NOT STUDYING! I thought "its only paper 1 of maths, it should be quite okay.."
I guess you know the tragic ending already. My exams were suppose to end at 4:30 but i was done at 3:00 :( *sighs*
I live quite far from my school , about 30 minutes drive. I rang my mam real quickly because i Had no credit, I just said "pick me up" and hung up. She thought someone was pranking her and rang me back ten mins later.

When she finally picked me up, I looked so mad! Not at her but at myself, i regretted not studying in those three hours and the week before. Oh well, I'll just have to study REALLY hard for paper 2 which is a gazillion times harder. boohoo.

sorry this is pretty depressing haha. but on the bright side! I'll be going on holidays on the 27th! I'm going back to my hometown ;) Macau which is an island near Hong Kong, it's like a tiny Las Vegas haha. Then i'll have loads of 'haul' thingys i could post on to here to bring some positiveness to this blog haha :3

I've been thinking of doing a sort of nail polish collection or something easy to start of, or clothes i've packed to go on holidays and stuff. What do you think? :) please please please leave suggestions!

hope you guys have a great weekend! <3

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  1. I think a post about like summer fashions or something pertaining to summer would be cool? idk. lol. but a nail polish review on brands would be interesting(: